Cox Wins West MVP Award

07/25/2009 1:18 PM -

25 July 2009

Cox Wins West MVP Award
By Ashley Crosby, CCBL Intern

BOSTON, Mass.--It came in the form of a triple in the first inning at Fenway, scoring the first and winning run for the West. Zach Cox (Arkansas), of the Cotuit Kettleers, earned himself the MVP title for the West team with an impressive drive that put his team on top early. 

Zach Cox presented with West MVP Award
by Commissioner Paul Galop
SportsPix 2009

     Cox went 2 for 2 in the game after setting the tone with his first at bat, and drove in 2 runs to earn his MVP title. The big hit in the first caught the eyes of the major league scouts who were at the game, and who almost unanimously felt Cox deserved the title. 

     “We really let the major league scouts pick,” said commissioner Paul Galop. “It was almost unanimous, not always the case, but the kid from Cotuit had a huge game.”

     “Zach is what I call a country baseball player,” said Mike Roberts, head coach of the West team and of Cotuit. “He really embraces it, he wants to get better every day, and he is prepared when he comes to the plate.”

     Roberts has seen Zach develop over the course of the summer as one of his players, and said, “seeing him swing at the first pitch didn’t surprise me, seeing him hit it almost off the center field wall, that surprised me, but he’s always prepared when he goes to bat. I just think Zach is a very mature college hitter.”

     The third baseman’s hard work at the plate paid off, earning him a spot on the All-Star roster and the MVP title. For him, “the experience was great,” said Cox. “I’ve got to give God the glory. I’ve had a lot of opportunities and I wouldn’t even have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for him.”

Ashley Crosby can be reached at

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Director of Public Relations & Broadcasting
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Web Editor
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Interns: Chris Blake, James Chandley, Ashley Crosby, Phil Garceau, Michael Campbell, Katy Ann Fitzpatrick


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