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Community and Camaraderie Goals For First-Ever Sturtevant Cup

07/03/2010 9:55 AM

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FALMOUTH ---- Cape Cod is known for the best summer baseball league in the country, great beaches and quality golf. The Falmouth Commodores will put the game of golf to good use on July 13 with the first Sturtevant Cup, to be held at Ballymeade Country Club in North Falmouth.

     Named after longtime Falmouth general manager Chuck Sturtevant, the event will run in conjunction with the Commodores fundraiser, “Comedy for the Commodores.”

     Play will begin at 1 p.m., followed by a barbecue and comedy acts. All the money raised will benefit the Cape League. Entry fee is $100 per player and $500 for a five-person team. Each franchise is allowed to enter 10 participants. Players, coaches, host families, volunteers and interns are all eligible to play. The entry fee includes the barbecue and 10 tickets to the comedy event.

     “Comedy for the Commodores” will feature local Boston comedians such as Tony V and Steve Sweeney, along with cocktails, food, a silent auction and a DJ.

     “It’s going to be a very flexible format,” Falmouth general manager Bob Clarke said. “Hopefully, it will be annual event moving forward.”

     The unique aspect of the tournament will be the social interaction between the entire league. Players, coaches and other personnel will be able to relax and enjoy a fun day of golf on Cape Cod.

     “It shows a great fellowship and that is probably going to be the theme of the day, more so than the money-maker,” league commissioner Paul Galop said. “It is a nice step for Falmouth to try and bring all the teams together and have some fun. If they make a little money, great.”

     The naming of the tournament was a no-brainer for all parties involved. Clarke has worked with Sturtevant over the years and had no second thoughts. Sturtevant, however, was a bit surprised by the decision.

     “I have been with the league for 25 years and to be honored for that is great,” he said. “After all these years, I just enjoy the game. And to be recognized like that is an honor.”

     You can also expect the competitive juices to flow on the course. With all 10 teams involved, and with most of the players knowing each other, there should be some great action.

     “They are basically competitive by nature,” Clarke said. “I went into the clubhouse and told my guys and they were already calling guys on the other teams.”