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Martinez Brings Leadoff Punch to Brewster

07/01/2010 4:51 PM

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     The Brewster Whitecaps are sitting atop the Eastern Division with a solid 11-4 record. They have benefited from excellent pitching and fielding, allowing them to keep their opponents at bay. While most batters have struggled with the transition to wood bats thus far, there is one Whitecap who has seen great success early on: Brewster’s sparkplug and lead-off man,  Drew Martinez (Memphis.)

     The 5-10, 170-pound Martinez has everything the Whitecaps could want in their number one man: speed, intelligence and the ability to get on base and make things happen.

     Don’t let his size fool you: he brings a big bat. Martinez leads the league with an impressive .408 average, along with a .459 on-base percentage and eight RBI in the first 15 games.

     “I think I’ve tried to hold my own, but I also think luck has played a huge role for me so far. These are the top pitchers in the country, so I’m just trying to take a day-to-day approach and be confident when I step up to the plate,” he said.

     Once on base, Martinez lets his speed and intelligence take over.

     “Any time I’m on base I try to be as distracting as possible and make it difficult for the pitchers,” he said.

     Martinez is certainly distracting, posing the constant threat of stealing. He leads the league with 12 stolen bases. In his prep school career, he recorded more than 100 stolen bases.

     But he remains humble.

     “I think I can just continue to play the game day in and day out and have as much fun as I can,” he said. “Hopefully, things will continue to go our way. But baseball is baseball. Anything can happen. So I’m going to take advantage of each opportunity I get to try to make a difference.”