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Cape League welcomes Military All Stars in Orleans

06/09/2007 1:58 PM

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Cape League welcomes Military All Stars in Orleans

CHATHAM, Mass- The Cape Cod League defeated the Military All-Stars 8-1 at Eldredge Park on Sunday night, but for players, coaches and spectators, the score was not important. What was important was the cause behind the Military Games.

    “It’s a great honor any time you can do something like this, especially in this time, with what our country is going through.” said Military All-Stars Head Coach Bill Sandillo. “We want to raise awareness and good will, and all these guys, we bring them back to their youth by playing baseball. We’re not fighting a war right now, we’re still playing baseball, but when we take off our cleats, some of these guys have got to go fight a war.”

    Spectators sitting on the picturesque grassy hill at Eldredge Park were buzzing with excitement as Military All-Stars pitcher Jahsan Page (U.S. Air Force) threw the first pitch. The Cape Cod Leage had no hits in the first inning, but the game did not remain scoreless for long, as Military All-Stars outfielder Ronnie Stahl (U.S. Navy) scored a run in the bottom of the first inning. 

    The Military All-Stars remained in the lead until the top of the fifth inning. It all started with a single by Eric Reese (Fordham). Left-handed pitcher Brent Booze (U.S. Marine Corps) then allowed two walks to load up the bases. A single by left fielder Jordan Karnofsky (California) allowed Reese to score the first run for the Cape Cod League. With bases still loaded, a hit by Trey Watten (Abilene Christian) allowed for Gordon Beckham (Georgia) to score the second run for the Cape Cod League.

    The top eighth inning was particularly eventful, with the Cape Cod League scoring six runs. Military All-Stars pitcher Anton Berchich (U.S. Navy) walked Gordon Beckham in his first pitch of the inning. Designated hitter Kelly Weems (Mississippi) hit a single allowing Beckham to advance to second. Arthur Lauzier (Massasoit CC) then bunted to third loading up the bases. A pitching error by Berchich allowed Beckham to walk home, giving the Cape Cod League its third run. A second walk allowed Weems to score a fourth run for the Cape Cod League. Jose Jimenez (Tampa) hit a single down right field allowing catcher Victor Rodriguez to score a home run, giving the Cape Cod League a four point lead. Karnofsky then hit a double down left field allowing infielder Jeremy Barnes (Notre Dame) and second basemen Jake Yagjian (Wheaton) each to score. Beckham, in his second time at bat during the inning, hit a single to left field allowing the Jimenez to score the final run of the game giving the Cape Cod League its 8-1 victory.

    Despite the loss, Stahl, who scored the only run for the Military All-Stars was still in high spirits. 

    “Playing out here at the Cape is a lot of fun,” said Stahl. “We have a lot of fan support. They come to see us out here, and playing against the players that we’re playing against is just a real honor to play against them. A lot of these guys are going to be first-round, top draft picks, and we get to play against them.”