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Phase 1 Completed in Cotuit Capital Improvement Project

With their metal green roofs and shingled exteriors, the renovated kitchen and new restrooms at Lowell Park mirror the design of the press box/photo by Joseph Cavanaugh
     The Cotuit Athletic Association originally began discussing the notion of  a new restroom facility for Lowell Park in 2001, but it was 12 years later before the CAA’s ideas would become a reality. In 2008, the organization received a rough hand sketch for what has now turned into a new restroom and renovated kitchen.
     CAA First Vice President Stacy Wardwell and Cotuit Kettleers head coach Mike Roberts are the two biggest driving forces behind the project. Thanks to those two, as well as CAA President Paul Logan and several other committee members, the new buildings have taken shape. With their metal green roofs and shingled exteriors, the renovated kitchen and new restrooms mirror the design of the press box.
     Fundraising for the project began in May 2012 and is ongoing, with about $655,000 still needed to reach the $910,000 goal. After almost 10 months of remodeling, the 50-year-old restrooms and kitchen are fully renovated. 
     Architect Tim Luff and general contractor Carey Grover are the masterminds behind the renovations at Lowell Park. Logan praises Luff and Grover for their generosity and community connections, which have helped keep costs for labor and materials so low and helped Phase 1 of the project come to a close.  
     “They’ve been tremendous to work with, with the press box as well as the new building and renovated building,” Logan said. “Those two guys have put everything into it. They have volunteered every hour. Not a dime have they charged us.”
     In a display case extending from the restroom, fans will be able to admire mementos from Cotuit’s rich history dating as far back as 1947, the Kettleers' first season in the Cape League. “We probably have 20 trophies,” Logan said. “We’ve got a lot of memorabilia amongst our members that will fill up the trophy case.” The case is likely to include game-worn jerseys, as well as a place to honor Arnold Mycock, Cotuit' s legendary figure who is largely responsible for creating the magical baseball venue.
     Also new to the ballpark are Rich and Lori Pimental of the Cotuit Fresh Market. They will offer to ballpark visitors the market's specialty salads and wraps, as well as cheeseburgers, which haven’t been available at Lowell Park since 2004. Logan says there will also be an abundance of daily specials as well as the menu fans have seen for the past eight years. 
     The next phase of the renovation project will include new third-base grandstands as well as two new dugouts, and the hope is that Phase 2 will be complete by the start of the 2014 season. “We would not have been able to do this without the support of the community,” Logan said. 
     And it’s not just Cotuit or the Town of Barnstable, but also businesses across the Cape that have donated their supplies, time and effort. Many of these same community members also lent a hand working on the press box, which was finished in 2004. 
     “As an organization we’re thrilled that this phase of the capital project has come to fruition,” Logan said. “The folks on the capital project committee are very excited to open the 2013 season and welcome fans to an updated Lowell Park.”


photo by Joseph Cavanaugh
photo by Joseph Cavanaugh