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A conversation with the ‘effectively wild’ Montes de Oca

Bryce Montes de Oca / SportsPix
06/18/2015 5:32 PM

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Bryce Montes de Oca, a 6-foot-8 pitcher from the University of Missouri, leads the Cape Cod Baseball League in strikeouts with 12 after eight appearances for the Falmouth Commodores. I met up with him to ask him some questions about his summer so far. 

Sarah Steinberg: How is the Cape treating you so far? 
Bryce Montes de Oca: It’s good. I mean there is the ocean and stuff. … It is a completely different atmosphere than what I am used to. It is a lot slower paced here, where at home it’s a lot faster. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and I’m enjoying the team that I’m playing for and the scenery. I’m really glad to be out here. 
Steinberg: Were you nervous for your first start? 
Montes de Oca: No, I wasn’t. I have a great opportunity and I’m just trying to enjoy it and maximize it. 
Steinberg: Is it different throwing to batters using wood bats vs. aluminum bats? Do you have a preference? 
Montes de Oca: It’s a great environment and there are great players here. I just go out there and try to do the best I can no matter what bat they are using. I do like throwing to a wood batter because I like it when I break a bat. It is pretty fun, but there is no real difference. 
Steinberg: Right now, you are leading the league in strikeouts. What is it like going out there and facing the best college players and having the results that you do? 
Montes de Oca: I just go out there and attack hitters. I’m not worried about what the results are. If you start doing that, you start messing up. I just go out there and compete. 
Steinberg: You are also leading your team (Falmouth) in walks.
Montes de Oca: (Laughs) Yeah well I’ve always been the effectively wild kind … but something I need to work on is my command. I’ll lose it for a second and get it back. Vs. Cotuit, I walked a guy then strike one out. It is just a matter of getting more consistent. 
Steinberg: What are some other goals you have for the summer?
Montes de Oca:  Get everything more consistent, my breaking ball more consistent and to get a better feel for the changeup. I just want to start getting everything how I want it every time I go out on the mound. 
Steinberg: What is it like playing in such a high profile league like the CCBL? 
Montes de Oca: It’s a great league and I’m always excited to play baseball. You got players from all over the country so it is nice to play against different people that you usually don’t play against, like players outside your conference. It makes for a good environment. 
Steinberg: What is your favorite part of playing with Falmouth so far? 
Montes de Oca: My favorite part is meeting all my teammates and getting to know them. I’ve also gone fishing a couple times so that’s been fun. 
To see Montes de Oca and the Commodores in action, head out to Arnie Allen Diamond at Guv Fuller Field on Sunday, June 21 as Falmouth hosts a doubleheader against the defending Cape League champion Y-D Red Sox beginning at 2:30 p.m.