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Sometimes, Being Temporary is Only Temporary

Preston Grand Pre
07/17/2016 7:56 PM

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For Preston Grand Pre of the Wareham Gatemen, being a temporary player for the Cape Cod Baseball League was short-lived. He joined the 2015 Gatemen on a temp contract before earning himself a permanent spot a few weeks into the season. He returns to the Gatemen this summer, with a well-deserved permanent contract and a consistent spot in Wareham’s starting lineup.

Grand Pre has increased his batting average for the Gatemen by .014, currently sitting at .182 up from .168 last year. His batting average is not the only thing that has changed for him, “Last year, honestly, I was immature as a baseball player.” Adding, “you learn a lot coming here. From last year coming to this year, I’ve grown a lot as a baseball player. You really mature up here.”

When asked about his time as a temp for the Gatemen and the transition from being here on a temporary contract to being offered a permanent spot on the team, Grand Pre replies laughing, “Stressful.” He adds, “It was very stressful in the beginning because I wanted to stay on the Cape. I didn’t want to go to the Northwood’s and play 77 games in however many amount of days, so I worked my tail off. I was here early everyday and I stayed late everyday and it’s been pretty much the same this year. You have to want to get better.”

Preston Grand Pre

As a former temp player, Grand Pre has easily connected with this summer’s group of temp players, since having once been in their position. “I’m friends with a couple temp guys on the team this year and it’s the same thing as last year. If you’re a temp player you really got to work for what you want, and if you work hard enough, you just might make the team. That’s what a lot of the guys this year did – that’s what I did.” He adds, “I learned a lot from other guys on the team last year, so I’ve tried to do the same for them.”

He has learned a lot and he has improved even more. This year for the Gatemen, Grand Pre has been hot at shortstop and has even been talked about as the best defensive shortstop in the Cape League this summer. When asked what it is like to hear people talking about his abilities in that way, he replies modestly, “Yeah, you hear it but I don’t think that’s true. I’m thankful that people are saying that, but to me, there’s always room for improvement.” He adds, “even if you are quote...unquote the best, you always want to be better than the best.” He finishes saying, “there’s always someone working twice as hard as you somewhere else, so I just want to take what I hear with a grain of salt and continue to try and take my game to the next level.”

In 151 innings over 21 games this summer for the Gatemen, Grand Pre has compiled an impressive stat chart at short with 22 put outs, 38 assists, and a .938 fielding percentage. When talking about his improvements from last summer to this, Grand Pre explains, “I’m happy to be back this summer. I’m glad to have the chance to get better; better at the plate and better at shortstop.” Adding, “I’ve just tried to be a sponge these past two summers and enjoy my time with my teammates. It’s been a blast.”