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TrackMan Baseball Data Coordinator Internships

02/05/2024 7:58 AM

Article By: CCBL Public Relations Office

Job Title: TrackMan Baseball Data Coordinator Internship; Cape Cod Baseball League

Company: TrackMan Baseball
Location: Cape Cod, MA
Duration: Summer

Description: Join TrackMan Baseball & the Cape Cod Baseball League as a TrackMan Baseball Data Coordinator Intern. TrackMan utilize cutting-edge 3D doppler radar technology to capture comprehensive ball tracking data. This data, used by all Major League teams in the US, teams in Japan and Korea, and top NCAA D1 programs, and plays a crucial role in player evaluation and development.

We are seeking 10 motivated individuals, one per Cape Cod Baseball League Team, to tag each home game and assist during away games. All Interns will travel with their assigned team for both home and road games along with contributing to data analysis. Each intern will work closely with their assigned team in their baseball operations departments. Responsibilities with teams may vary but can include data analysis, assisting with roster construction, assisting with player development, assisting with advanced scouting reports, as well as other potential tasks.

Job Responsibilities:
Set up rosters and tag information in the TrackMan System.
Log information for entire games, monitoring the system, and making changes as needed. Troubleshoot system issues, fix errors, and upload the game data to TrackMan.
Maintain TrackMan equipment required for tagging.
Support TrackMan data operations teams in ad-hoc data requests and evaluations.
Ensure the quality of captured data (Player, play result, pitch call accuracy, etc.).
Potential to assist coaches and the front office with analyzing data.
Potential to generate specific reports as requested by coaches and/or baseball operations. Work in concert with the team’s Baseball Operations Department and TrackMan for additional duties.

Current college student or recent graduate with education focused on Sports Management, Statistics/Mathematics, Operations Management, Sports Analytics, or similar.
Strong computer skills to operate the system and troubleshoot systemic issues.
Firm understanding of baseball.
Ability to attend all home games and work nights during the week and weekends associated with home games (June 20 - August 10).
Experience in Project Management is a plus.
Basic database and/or analytics experience is a plus.
Previous TrackMan experience is strongly preferred.

Please Note: This is a seasonal opportunity, and no benefits or re-location will be provided. Accommodation in Cape Cod for the duration of the season are required. TrackMan will not reimburse travel or accommodations for the summer. TrackMan will assist with providing any requirements for credits towards college or university internship.

Compensation: This position is compensated.

To Apply: Please send a resume to Morty Bouchard at [email protected] with the subject line “Cape Cod TrackMan Internship.” Resumes should be sent via email, not through any job boards.