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Kettleers visit Cape League Hall of Fame

07/31/2012 5:15 PM

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     The Kettleers took a special trip Friday before their game against Hyannis, visiting the Cape Cod Baseball League’s Hall of Fame to take a look at the history of the league.

     “It was nice, a lot of history, you know going through and seeing all the hall of famers in there,” said Kettleers first baseman and designated hitter Time Kiene (Maryland). “You know the guys that are in the big leagues right now. It gives you things to look up to and motivation for all of us.”

     Down the stairs from the John F. Kennedy Museum, the Kettleers got to explore the history of not only their team, but the league’s history as well. “It was pretty cool to look at who’s played for the Kettleers and for all the teams because there’s so many great players that have come through this league,” centerfielder Patrick Biondi (Michigan) said. “It was fun to go and just kind of hang out for a while as a team.”

     The Cotuit players spent time looking at each teams case filled with jerseys, rings, newspaper clippings, and more. They even spent time watching a mini documentary about the league and it’s history. “I thought the players really enjoyed it,” skipper Mike Roberts said. “It was a really good visit before we went to Hyannis and I hope that they are glad they got to do that this summer.”

     General Manager Bruce Murphy has been trying to get the team to go for the last couple of years, but lack of time has been an issue. But the Kettleers were able to make it before Friday’s marathon 14-inning game against Hyannis. “It was really good to see all the pros who have come through the Cape League,” second baseman Jacob Valdez (San Jose State) said. “Just to see familiar faces and be like, ‘wow I played in the same league as them,’ It’s really nice to have that, and I’ll have it for the rest of my life.”