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Get to Know Chatham's Spencer Torkelson

06/24/2019 7:59 AM

Article By: Joseph Barrett

When Chatham welcomed Arizona State standout Spencer Torkelson to their organization last summer, the fans at Veterans Field saw their fair share of home runs and highlight plays.

Torkelson has returned for his second season in Cape Cod, repping the blue and white of his Angler uniform once again. The roster around him may be different than last year, but Torkelson is off to another tremendous start in year two.

Due to another stellar collegiate season as a sophomore, the slugger was recently named a unanimous All-American by every media outlet in the country. Torkelson’s .351 average and 23 home runs look quite impressive on the NCAA statistics page, and the righty is sure to be a top draft pick in next years MLB Draft.

On the field, fans of the sport know Torkelson as a player who prospers at the plate. However, off the field, there are lots of facts the baseball community may not yet know about one of the country’s best collegiate hitters.

When Torkelson was a child, he idolized athletes in order to replicate their polished skills and driven work ethic. Torkelson clearly picked the right player, and admired the one and only Michael Jordan and his unmatched intensity.

Another role model for the righty was fellow power hitter Barry Bonds. Ironically enough, Torkelson broke Barry Bonds’ previously held record at Arizona State last season with 25 freshman home runs.

In regards to a pregame meal, his answer is simple. Torkelson claims it doesn’t really matter, and doesn’t want any potential superstitions to disrupt his preparation.

In 2019, it seems as if everyone has their favorite show to binge on Netflix, and Torkelson is no different. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get to watch as much as he’d like due to time spent on the field, but The Office will have him laughing any day of the week.

If Torkelson’s love for baseball hadn’t been so apparent, he may have brought his talents to the football field. In high school, he played running back and outside linebacker for Casa Grande in California. If his blocking was anything like his swing, we can guess he was quite effective on the football field.

Of all the celebrities the world has ever known, it’s actually a United States president who Torkelson would’ve loved to sit down with. Due to his leadership and respected status, George Washington is one figure who Torkelson would’ve been honored to share a room with.

Torkelson’s Anglers are off to another strong start after their disappointing finish to last season. The team sits atop the East Division, and aims to return to the championship stage come August.