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Father's Day At A Cape League Park

06/19/2023 8:19 AM

Article By: Kaileigh Grieb

For many of these Cape Cod Baseball League players, their earliest memories were playing catch or hitting off the tee alongside father figures who opened their eyes and introduced them to America's favorite pastime.

For the Ehrhard family, this bond takes this dynamic to a whole different level.

Drew Ehrhard, a former second baseman at the University of Tampa, played for the Hyannis Harbor Hawks in their 2022 season.

He now joins the coaching staff while his brother Zach, an outfielder at Oklahoma State, can be spotted in a Harbor Hawks uniform, just as his brother did last summer.

The Ehrhard pipeline in the Hyannis organization doesn’t end there. Their father, Rod, also donned the blue and orange in the 80s, going on to be selected by the Yankees in the 1987 MLB Draft.

“I spent every day with him on the field. He’s been by our side everyday in our baseball careers ever since we can remember. Whenever I had a bat in my hand, he was with me, helping me and supporting me everyday,” reflected Zach on what his father meant to him and his baseball career growing up.

Drew agreed with his brother.

“It’s where we all got to bond together. Some dads get to do other things with their kids, but we bonded over baseball. Learning the game and going out there everyday practicing, it's definitely one of my favorite memories as well,” said Drew.

The game of baseball goes far deeper than just the players. Fans and followers of the CCBL also shared their own experiences with their fathers by their sides who helped teach them the game.

CCBL intern, Brian Butler, also had time to reflect on his own relationship with his father and his love for baseball this past fathers day weekend at McKeon Park.

“My dad wasn't into sports when I was born, but he realized growing up that it was going to be a big part of my life, so he started doing his best to figure out everything he could about baseball so he could be there, so he could support me.”

Father figures that played big roles in players' lives as the Ehrhard brothers or even fans of the sport like Butler’s father is another reason why baseball is such an important part of so many lives.

Many players have had the opportunity to follow in their fathers footsteps and strengthen a bond over a simple game.