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Dylan Hoy and Max Viera's Bond Through Baseball

07/05/2023 3:03 PM

Article By: Mikayla Moskowitz

The journey has come around the bases for Dylan Hoy (Brewster) and Max Viera (Yarmouth-Dennis).

Friendly competitors and longtime childhood friends, the Rockland County, New York natives had the special chance to reunite in the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer.

Hoy and Viera met in their early years through baseball. They played against one another for the first time in a baseball tournament in New Jersey and were both affiliated with Kings Baseball Academy.

“We really connected through the game,” said Viera.

While they never played for the same team, they developed a friendship through their run-ins at the ballpark and through training together in the offseason.

For the two, their friendly on and off the field competition pushed one another to strive to become better.

“Max doesn’t know this, but I was always a bit jealous of him,” said Hoy. “I was always trying to be as good as him when I was younger. I wasn’t going to tell him that, but it finally came out!”

Hoy and Viera both are competitive by nature. In their early years, Hoy claimed that he saw more of that spirit in Viera.

“Max was definitely more competitive,” said Hoy.

Viera sees a balance in Hoy in his desire to win, while also not taking not taking himself too seriously.

“Dylan is also very serious in his own way,” said Viera. “When he steps between the lines, I know he’s having fun and also taking care of business.”

Hoy, who began his collegiate career at Marist before transferring to Louisville, and Viera, who started his career at Northeastern before playing at Seton Hall, did not go head-to-head at the collegiate level until their paths crossed again this summer.

“Throughout college we would keep each other posted on how we were doing and check each other's stats,” said Hoy. “We would Facetime each other to see how the season was going and stay in touch that way.”

For the two ballplayers, the opportunity to meet again in a league that brings together the best in college ball was a pleasant surprise.

“I had no idea he [Hoy] was coming up here,” said Viera. “We had met up to train a week before the Cape. It was really funny to find out we were both coming up here together.”

The two saw one another for the first time through the Cape Cod Baseball League during the rain delay at the Fenway workouts.

“I had to do a double take,” said Hoy. “I couldn't believe it was really him!”

Over the years, Hoy and Viera have developed mutual admiration for each other's game and work ethic.

“I love how Max plays hard,” said Hoy. “It’s not so much his skill that catches my eye, it’s the passion for the game. You can see it in how he plays and how hard he works.”

Their respect for one another transcends the game.

“I think the reason we are such close friends is because Max is such a nice guy,” said Hoy. “He says hello to everyone, he’s respectful, he’s a family guy. Nothing but good things to say about him.”

Viera echoes a similar sentiment about Hoy.

“I love how energetic Dylan is on the field,” says Viera. “He’s always moving, he’s always bringing the energy, and he’s always having a good time. He’s a great guy and always brings up the people around him.”

While it is unknown whether Hoy and Viera will meet again in the future, either as opponents or teammates, one thing remains certain: Dylan Hoy and Max Viera are still chasing their dreams on the diamond and they'll be cheering each other on along the way.

“We became close through baseball, it’s like we are brothers,” said Hoy. “It was cool to come out here on the Cape and play against one of my best friends.”