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Trundy Reaches 500 Career Wins

07/14/2023 8:22 PM

Article By: Kaileigh Grieb

It’s been a rocky start to the Falmouth Commodores 2023 season. With many ups and downs, many trials and tribulations, the Commodores finally had a turning point and have only been on the incline since then.

The incline, however, has been the talk of many throughout the Cape Cod Baseball League and this incline has led all eyes to one man. Coach Jeff Trundy. Coach Trundy of the Falmouth Commodores accomplished a monumental milestone.

This past Sunday in their home game against the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox, Coach Trundy checked off the box for his 500th win.

Described as humble, lovable, and in it for all the right reasons, Trundy has done everything right by his players. He is seen as the heart of the Commodores and everything he’s done continues to be for the greatness of the program.

However, the effect that Trundy has on his players goes beyond the field. Players both past and present sang high praises to the ol’ Skipper, talking about how everything Trundy has instilled into them goes so much deeper than just baseball.

Former two year Commodore veteran, Chase Jeter of Bryant University, returned to Guv Fuller Field this past Sunday to watch Trundy ring in his 500th win and reconnect with not only his former teammates, but the coach who helped give him the summers of a lifetime.

“He means everything to this team, you know. He fosters the great experiences we have here. The first meeting we have every year he talks about how this should be the best summer of your lives and at the end, everyone believes that. Everyone plays for him and tries to win for him, even though he tells us not to, but we still do,” reflected Jeter.

Off the field, the “Trundy Effect” on the team reached seemingly all corners of Guv Fuller Field.

Associate General Manager, Mike Murray, has been involved with everything Commodores since the age of 11.

Growing up as a bat boy, he idolized the players who took the fields in front of his very eyes, but says that those young athletes wouldn't be half of what they were without a coach like Trundy bringing them to the top.

“I’ve been with him ever since I was a bat boy and I’ve always looked up to him as a human being. He has the best post game speeches that I think any coach could ever give. I don’t think I understood them a lot until I became kind of older and more mature. He can just touch everyone who's here in a certain way.”

Murray even gave some light into the infamous post game speeches, saying: “One of my favorite quotes that he ever said was “We’re so lucky to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”. At the end of the season, he's usually the last person I say goodbye to because he really is the hardest goodbye every season.”

But, if anyone can truly encapsulate what Trundy means to his players would be UConn pitcher, Garrett Coe.

Coe has been by Trundy’s side since his highschool days at The Gunnery in Connecticut as well as these past two summers. Throughout his highschool years, he was coached and conditioned to be the player he is today, all because of Trundy and when he was given the opportunity to play with him for summer ball, he knew he couldn't pass up the opportunity.

“He means everything to us. I haven’t met someone who has played here who hasn’t had exceptional things to say about him. It's the effect he has on people. The way he handles the game, he understands that a lot of us are coming off of a long season and he still finds a way to keep every guy locked in. Everyone wants to win for each other and to win for him,” Coe said, when asked what Trundy means to the Commodores

With the final call of the game made, the Commodores brought in a 5-2 win against the YD Red Sox and with that marked the official 500th win.

Players stormed the field and fans gathered around to applaud the Skipper for all he has done for the program, resulting in him getting soaked in a much anticipated gatorade dump in celebration.

But, getting the man of the hour himself to even speak on his successes really solidified how humble Coach Trundy truly is. Requesting the article on his 500 wins revolve around his players rather than himself, Trundy amplified his selflessness.

“It goes without saying that I enjoy baseball, but I think when you look at the big picture it's always about the people. All the friendships, all the players, the coaches, the interns, the organization, the fans, you know it’s just a reminder of how fortunate I’ve been to be able to do this for as long as I have,” reflected Trundy on his time with the Commodores.

It's a given that the heart of this program falls onto Coach Trundy. The players, coaching staff, as well as the interns and others who volunteer to keep Guv Fuller Field afloat look at the manager with immense admiration.

The common theme when asked what Jeff Trundy means to the Commodores was the word everything and there doesn’t seem to be a more deserving coach than Trundy to reach this milestone.